Elysium ii: breaking "ground" 2161

The Elysium Corporate Authority, or ECA, has partnered with Armadyne to begin construction of future Elysium tori. Plans are underway to build Elysium II out of the Mexico City Armadyne plant. Elysium III will run out of Sydney and Elysium IV will be based in Tokyo.

Whether Elysium II, III, and IV will be exact replicas of the original 125km torus is to be determined. Armadyne's Dominique Moreault suggests a larger torus might be in the works to help support a greater population. The current Elysium torus can support a population of 251,200 humans.

The success of Med-Pod 3000 and its undetermined influence on human life expectancy has inspired multi-generational planners to push for accelerated construction. Engineers estimate future Elysium tori will be built in 20 years versus the 60-year timeline of the original.

Proposed timelines are debated, but all agree: more Elysiums couldn't come soon enough.

Sprawling manicured lawns, sweeping terraces, elegant natural stone walkways, 150,000 gallon infinity pool standard.


All Elysium homes are decorated with consult from the Guggenheim Commission for Elysium Beautification. Exceptionally appointed, each home includes a Steinway grand piano, Italian marble floors, and preemptive climate design.


We understand many new citizens witnessed incredible savagery on Earth. On Elysium, a citizen's life is never in danger. To ensure you sleep soundly, every residence is served by a personalized advanced security patrol.


Whether at home or a social function, you're never far from the miraculous healing of the Med-Pod 3000. Not only does medbay technology cure every ailment known to man, daily therapies have proven to virtually eliminate all effects of aging.


On Earth, Minister Patel served as Secretary-General of the former United Nations and a three-term president of the former India. Patel was credited as a chief architect of the West Asian Peace Accords of 2077. In 2158, Patel was elected the 13th President of the Elysium Corporate Authority.

Minister Patel, Elysian President

Defense Secretary Delacourt is the longest-standing Minister of the Elysium Corporate Authority. She is an original signor of the Constitution of Elysium. Defense Secretary Delacourt sits on the board of private contractors Armadyne, GREP-Diode, and Versamex.

Defense Secretary Delacourt


Elysium security goes beyond our borders. Our fleet of Armadyne security bots are instrumental in neutralizing all threats to Elysium.

To date, Elysium has experienced zero citizen casualties due to violent crime thanks in part to the engineering and innovation of Armadyne bots.

As the maxim in astronautic perfection, Bugatti transports humans not only to Elysium, but beyond -- to a future we never thought possible. The Bugatti Veyron 89.4 is the choice transport of the Elysium Corporate Authority and the first luxury craft to travel from Earth to Elysium in under 20 minutes.


Since 1884, Bvlgari has crafted perfection from extraordinary design and expert innovation. Bvlgari endeavors to reinvent the aesthetic of technology, transforming the generic into works of art. Their most notable achievement can be found in its line of limited edition wearable weapon systems.


To achieve perfection, man had to create perfection. The transformative power of Longevity & Image by Versace has empowered citizens of Elysium to manifest their own beauty. From eye color to ear angle, the exquisite design of Versace can finally deliver the deep beauty we all desire.


No square meter of the Elysium torus is without the impeccable design and exceptional engineering of Armadyne. The torus is powered by Armadyne's SABRE cerebral defense system and both the CCB and HDF use Armadyne robotic technology.